Needs translation: Filmstill And then we danced - 2 Tänzer sitzen redend auf einer Bank im Übungsraum


Let’s dance! It’s time. Like birthdays and Christmas together. We’ve waited the whole year for this. And now for the 30th time: finally it’s starting. With a dance movie. At Kampnagel. No one will stay on their seats. Put on your red shoes!

And we’re off! To Tbilisi: Merab is training hard for a career as a dancer in the Georgian National Ballet. But when Irakli joins the dance academy, Merab’s world is turned upside down by his charming and mysterious rival. This romantic drama and clever commentary on Georgian society surprises with multiple plot twists and enchants with beautiful dance sequences
before culminating in an incredibly sensual final scene.

Invited: Levan Akin (director) & Levan Gelbakhiani (main actor)


Needs translation: Filmstill Oufsaied Elkhortoum - Fussballerinnen auf dem Feld

Hit in the middle

Thursday, October 17th 2019

20:15 pm, Passage 1

Oufsaied Elkhortoum  - Khartoum offside

Marwa Zein, Sudan 2019, 75’, Arab original with English and German subtitles

This documentary follows a group of young women united by a single goal: to play football for Sudan in the Women’s World Cup. Award-winning lm director, Marwa Zein, accompanies them as they battle with courage and humour against oppo- nents no football team should have to face: moral preachers who claim the game is too dangerous for women, corrupt o cials who embezzle the FIFA funds for women, and social exclusion by those who narrowly prescribe how women have to behave. This is a story of self-empowerment in
the face of seemingly impossible odds.

Via Skype: Marwa Zein (director)

Needs translation: Filmstill The Garden left behind

Closing night - QueerScope Debut Film Award, Sunday, 20.10.19, 20:30 pm, Metropolis

The Garden left behind

Flavio Alves, Brasilien/USA 2019, 88’, Englische and Spanish Original, German subtitles

The QueerScope Prize has been awarded to our closing lm “The Garden Left Behind”. Before the screening we will be presenting all film prizes. Despite the lack of a residence permit, a difficult situation for a Mexican in New York, Tina (a tough and enchanting Carlie Guevara in her first acting role) holds her job as a taxi driver, making ends meet for herself and her grandmother. Parallel, she’s transitioning – an expensive situation that her grandmother also finds difficult. Luckily, a group of trans* activist friends take Tina under their wing and help and support her wherever they can. Flavio Alves has already won several prizes for his contemporary drama, in which all trans* roles are filled with trans* persons, and has also won this year’s QueerScope Award – endowed with 5,000 euros – for the best international debut film.