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Mr Leather

Daniel Nolasco, Brasilien 2019, 85’, Portugese Original, English Subtitles

Friday, 18.10.19, 20:00 pm, 3001 Kino

Presentd by Danial Nolasco (Filmtage-Jury)

This artistic, intimate and very sexy documentary follows ve São Paulo men competing for Mr. Leather Brazil. The lm delves into their relationships with leather, kink and politics, while probing its subjects with questions of personal history, gender politics and queer visibility in a politically turbulent nation. Refreshingly, it never lets the subjects o the hook when it comes
to issues of gender and inclusion, o ering a more progressive outlook for this newly-established community that refuses to be shackled to the past. “Mr. Leather” is a unique, honest journey, thanks very much to director Daniel Nolasco’s stylised approach to documentary-making, into a culture that is often misunderstood or misrepresented.

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Saturday, 19.10.19, 17:30 pm, B-Movie

Admission free (Info hier)

Short films curated and presented by bildwechsel

German original version or without dialogue.

... IST MEIN GANZES HERZ, Verena Moser, Schweiz 1985, 12’, 16mm
DIE BRAUT ERSTARRT, Hella Böhm, Deutschland 1985, 12‘, U–Matic Video
ZÄRTLICHKEITEN, Maria Lang, Deutschland 1985, 28‘, 16 mm
EVI ERZÄHLT KLARTEXT ZUM ERSTEN MAL, Muriel Utinger, Tina Z’Rotz, Sabin Tünschel, Deutschland 1989, 4‘, SVHS-C Video
VIDEONACHRICHTEN, Maria Lang, Deutschland 1989, Ausschnitt 30’, SVHS
ZWEI FRAUEN, Maria Lang, Deutschland 1983, 3’, Tonband

Total length: 89’

How are stories told and how are they re-visualised? Let’s enjoy a wonderful compilation of unique lm, audio and video works curated by bildwechsel. The umbrella organisation for women*/media/culture with its 40-year selforganised structure opens up its large archives and a shared space of the times and life plans for models of women* artists. With GuterGrund Künstlerinnen* gGmbh, this moderated programme is about presenting women* artists with their visions and bequests and keeping them
in the world.

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Mels queerer Lieblingsfilm

Saturday, October 19th 2019

15.00 pm, B-Movie

Presented by Mel Pritchard (Filmtage-Jury)

I picked this lm because I wonder how many of you saw it, back in the day. It was made in 1994, and I think it remains one of the sweetest gentlest gay lms. It’s hard not to love both of our main characters for very different reasons, and so refreshing to see acceptance and love instead of the characters struggling with their sexuality. It is definitely a bit too sweet in parts, but it’s very funny, and very entertaining, I reckon. We want our main guy to finally find love, but does he or doesn’t he? Maybe you’d better bring your handkerchief if you’re a sensitive soul, because as per my favourite line from an online-review ‘Wet eyes are also partly guaranteed.’ Looking at it now, I wonder how much has changed in our macho Aussie culture – maybe not as much as I’d hoped. So come with me back to a gentler time, have a laugh, have a cry, and hopefully a thoroughly good time.

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Transformations - Trans* Film Festival Berlin

Samstag, 19.10.19, 22:30 Uhr, Metropolis

Presented by Zoya (Filmtage-Jury)

Admission free (see ticket info)

Total running time: 59’

DISLOCATION BLUES, Sky Hopinka , 2017, 17’, English original version with English subtitles

O QUE VOCÊ NÃO VÊ. A PROSTITUIÇÃO VISTA POR NÓS MESMAS, Angela Donini, Flavia Viana, Marina Cavalcanti, Tais Lobo, 2017, 9’, Portugese original version with English subtitles

THE CUCETA, Tertuliana Lustosa, 2017, 11’, Portugese original version with English subtitles

MI BARBA, Carre Real, 2017, 8’, Spanish/Cuban original version with English subtitles

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARSHA!, Sasha Wortzel, Tourmaline, 2018, 14’, English original version with English subtitl

TransFormations - Trans* Film Festival Berlin (TFFB) is a biennial, grass- roots, community-focused festival organized by an exclusively Black and PoC trans*, two-spirit, gender-non-conforming team.
Rather than ghting to 'diversify’ a space where gender variance is treated as a single-issue topic with largely homogeneous experiences and understandings among white, able-bodied, middle-class people, TFFB begins with an understanding of trans* identities and experiences that is already intersectional. The festival strives to bring together a broad range of lms, art works and performances from di erent regions and contexts, in order to celebrate the legacies and visions of Black, indigenous, PoC, poor and working class, the disabled and migrants, within the contexts of queer, trans* and inter pasts, presents and futures.
This programme is a selection of shorts from the TFFB program of 2018 highlighting the multitude of ways Black and People of Color choose to transform narratives around the gender spectrum.