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You’ve got some spare change...

… and you would like to invest it in something worthwhile? There are many ways to donate: regularly, through the Push-up Club, but also once-off. You can, for instance, adopt a film in the programme. Non-profit organisations also have the chance to present a film and be involved in the subsequent discussion.

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Become a pusher!

Join the Push-Up Club and help support the HIQFF through regular donations! There are currently more than 350 Pushers, some of whom have supported the festival for over 15 years. They help the festival to maintain a degree of independence, to avoid complete relience on external funding and ticket sales.

Would you like to join the ranks and take your place alongside Maren Kroymann and Gustav Peter Wöhler? Then download the membership form and go for it!

Membership Form (PDF)

Or send the club organisor an email if you’d like more information:

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Every little bit helps!

With just 80 € the festival can fund 5 minutes of subtitles. And every little bit extra helps to pay travel expenses, film licenses and cinema rental: that’s how we manage to invite so many interesting guests to such exciting films. Look no further, if you’d like to donate, here are the bank details:

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IBAN DE03 20050550 1228140743 / BIC HASPDEHHXXX

Hamburger Sparkasse

Please include your complete postal address in the bank transfer description and you will be sent a donation receipt at the beginning of the new year.


Adopt-a-Film and Present-a-Film 

As an individual, you can also adopt a film in return for a small donation. We will add your name (if you wish) next to your adopted film in the festival brochure.

Not-for-profit organisations have the opportunity to present a film: they present themselves, their work and the film, directly after the pre-film commentary. You’d like to communicate the work of an organisation? What better way to do that than in front of a packed theatre? We would of course be delighted to receive a donation in return and strongly encourage you to advertise “your” film.

We would be happy to discuss your personal Adopt-a-Film or Present-a-Film options if you have a specific film in mind. Simply email us at:


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