Needs translation: Publikum bei der Eröffnung der Filmtage

The queer community


The Hamburg International Queer Film Festival is a community festival. We throw fund-raising parties and hold community events the whole year round, but especially as the festival approaches. Once a year in August, you can chug around the Elbe aboard the Frau Hedi, listening to DJs playing queer beats. Also in August you can visit our stand at the Christopher Street Day festival. In October you can dance till dawn at the Dare or Tante Paul party. Or in the frosty months, warm your cockles with a hot drink at the Winter Pride Christmas market.

Needs translation: Publikum im Foyer Passage

The audience – have you taken time off yet?


Many festival-goers take holidays during festival week, trawl the programme booklet for film treasures and put their own personal film programme together. The more spontaneous festival-goers buy their tickets directly at the cinemas. And year after year in the foyers of the festival cinemas, even the waiting in line becomes an event. Or perhaps more of a family gathering – with the chosen family, of course. After the film: discussions, and a plan to rendezvous later in the night.


Needs translation: Push Up Club Banner mit der Aufschrift "Push mit"

Helpers and “Pushers"


Each year, over 450 volunteers help make the film festival happen. Without the active support of this community, the festival in its current form would simply not be possible. Our helpers accommodate and accompany our special guests to the event locations, they decorate the cinemas, let film-goers into the theatres and count the ballot sheets.

The Push-up Club is the festival’s supporting foundation. Its members donate monthly contributions to finance their festival. Many thanks to you all!


If you are not yet a member, why not take a look at the many benefits?