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The 2022 team

FINALLY! Finally live meetings again! Although most of the organising was still done via video call, in between we found a big room and had a real team meeting. Hopefully it will stay like this - it makes a huge difference!

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The festival team – planning, designing and networking


The festival is organised by committed queers for the queer community, the organising team works on a largely unpaid basis. All fundamental decisions are made together as a team.

Until May the team meets every two weeks, and weekly from May onwards, in order to discuss and design the look of the festival in October, and to decide how to make it all happen


Needs translation: Der Programmplan wird gefüllt.

the festival's programme

During this time, the programme committee also meets weekly to view and discuss by turns short and feature-length films.


We curate the programme!


The films we show come to us in many different ways: they are submitted via our website, we find them in other festival programmes and they are suggested to us by befriended filmmakers and festivals. In the programming group we screen numerous films over several months and put together a programme. As a queer film festival, we have the opportunity to show stories that would otherwise hardly be seen – stories of lesbians, gays, bi- and pansexuals, trans*, inter* and queer people from all over the world. Our aim is to put together a balanced programme of feature films, documentaries and short films. Furthermore, our work repeatedly reveals that queer films cannot be produced equally in all countries and that the stories of marginalized groups are underrepresented even within LGBTIQ+ communities.
This includes work by non-binary filmmakers and trans* artists, women and feminists, and also stories about Black people, People of Color und people with disabilities.
The selection of films always presents us with challenges that we, – white, mostly cis, people – in the programming group, are not always able to deal with sufficiently. When it comes to content, we strive to include affected groups in the decisions for or against films. With curated guest programmes created by groups or people outside the festival, we give other voices a space at the festival. We are continually working to raise our awareness of discrimination and to break down barriers. Once the programme is finalised, we invite film guests for the festival week and look forward to sharing a wonderful festival with them and you.

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Do you want to take part?

Many former team members remain in contact after ending active involvement, continuing to help current team members where possible. Nevertheless, the team almost always feels as if it’s operating at the limit of its capacities – a not uncommon aspect of working in voluntary projects.

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We look forward to having you on the team!