Hamburg International Queer Film Festival
Querbild e.V.
Schanzenstr. 45
20357 Hamburg

Tel.: +49-(0)40-348 06 70 
Fax: +49-(0)40-34 05 22

The festival office staff will deal with your request and refer you to a suitable contact person.

If you would like to support the festival please send a mail to:


Bank details

Business account:
Querbild e.V. 
IBAN DE45 20010020 0492507208 
Postbank Hamburg 

Account for donations:
Querbild e.V. 
IBAN DE03 20050550 1228140743 
Hamburger Sparkasse

We can issue tax deductible receipts for donations. Please give us your full name and address with your donation. 

Registration is possible until 5th October:

Guests coordination 
Larissa Robitzsch

Press | Public relations
Hanne Homrighausen, Sera Heller

Sera Heller, Ronald Behm

Programming | Film acquisition | Film shipping
Joachim Post (feature films) – Katja Briesemeister (short films)

Push-up club

Julz Ritschel

Needs translation: Ein Stapel Programmhefte der letzten Jahre

Programme mailing

If you send us a stamped addressed C4 sized envelope (1.45 € stamp inside Germany) by mid-September, we can send you the current annual programme as soon as it appears, roughly four weeks prior to the festival.