It’s year 31 of the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival and things are pretty different. But we aren’t letting it get us down, and with collective energy have put together a small, select programme. For a quick overview, especially during the festival week: our timetable with the complete festival schedule is indispensable for navigating your way through the individual festival days. You can look up events and films by their location, and find details including the timetable, the screening languages, and where to find sign language support.

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two weeks of festival!

Germany’s oldest and biggest queer film festival will take place from 20th – 25th October. Numerous reruns await you from 28th October – 1st November in the week after!

online Opening

Tuesday, 20.10.2020, 7:30 p.m., online

Three great short films will be shown: queer animations about safer spaces, feminist body politics and enamoured life dreams. In addition, queer filmmakers and festival friends will report in a special clip on how they’ve experienced the Covid-19 pandemic and talk about the strategies they’ve developed to deal with it.

More about the films


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Backstage discussions & interviews with the Q.TALK.TIME team: at night on  YouTube 

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and Instagram

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bildwechsel special

Thursday, 22.10. and Friday 30.10. online
Queer Archives. Curated by bildwechsel


Get involved in this year's experiment and experience a little festival atmosphere at home during the online events. Make a date with your favourite viewing group, turn your home office into a home cinema and send out invitations to a streaming party!

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school screenings


Streaming via the 3001 cinema into the classroom: 20.-23.10.
Germany 2020, 94 minutes, German original version
FSK from 12 years



Streaming via the 3001 cinema in the classroom: 20-23.10.
Germany 2020, 92 minutes, original version in German and Farsi, partly with German subtitles
FSK from 16 years

Click for Queer Education (in German)

For a quick overview

The timetable is available here in PDF form which can be downloaded and printed out.

You can also use the alphabetical listing to access this year’s short or feature-length films individually: Films A–Z.

Those who crave more detail can access the pdf version of our complete festival flyer here.