Needs translation: Filmstill Le Paradis


Zeno Graton, Belgium/France 2023, 83 minutes, French original with German subtitles, recommended from grade 8

Joe is about to be released from juvenile detention. The urge for freedom occupies him as much as the uncertainty of what awaits him outside the prison walls. But then William moves into the neighboring cell and Joe is no longer so sure that he necessarily wants to leave prison. Director Zeno Graton’s feature film debut takes a critical look at the use of discipline and imprisonment against supposedly rebellious youths, providing insight into the emotional roller coaster ride of inmates as they grapple with their feelings, fears and future prospects.

school screening

Belgium/France 2023, 83 minutes, original French version with German subtitles, recommended from grade 8.

Back in the cinema: The joint film experience for students as part of the Filmtage with the opportunity to discuss LGBTIQ+ issues after the film.

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