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The Jury Award


Eight superb feature-length films from the programme compete for the Jury Award of the Hamburg International Queer Film Festival with a prize of €5,000. The winning film is announced by the jury before the final film on the Sunday of the Festival.


This year’s selection for the jury prize:

  • 1985 (USA, 2018)
  • L’ANIMALE (Österreich, 2018)
  • M/M (Deutschland/Kanada, 2018)
  • NINA (Polen, 2018)
  • ROOM FOR A MAN (Libanon/USA, 2017)
  • SILVANA (Schweden, 2017)
  • SIDNEY AND FRIENDS (Kenia/UK, 2017)


Jury Award 2017 >>


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The Audience Awards


Film awards are important, since the prize money enables filmmakers to work on wonderful new queer projects. As every year, it is the audiences who decide on six of the seven film awards. So please cast your vote and choose the filmmakers whose work you would like to see more in the coming years. All the awards are presented before the final film on the Sunday evening of the Festival and of course on our website.


Our three URSULAs go to the best short films in the categories: gender bender, lesbian and gay. The GLOBOLA award is given to the best feature-length film. The DOKULA is for the best feature-length documentary. Each of the awards endowed with a prize of 1,000 Euros.


With MADE IN GERMANY you can see the premieres of the best German short films. The winner of this award receives a distribution contract with Edition Salzberger.


We would like to thank the following for supporting the awards: Hamburg Pride e.V. for the GLOBOLA prize, Edition Salzgeber for MADE IN GERMANY, the Boutique Bizarre for URSULA gender bendersynthese Unternehmensentwicklung for URSULA lesbisch and the Junges Hotel Hamburg for the prize for URSULA schwul.


all Audience-Award winners of 2017 >>


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The Jury


Each year a three-member jury decides which of the jury films selected from the programme group of the Film Festival should receive the 5,000 Euro Jury award. The Film Festival tries to ensure that the jury is as diverse as possible. Generally, the director of the film which won the Jury Award in the previous year, a person from another international queer film festival and a film-critic and/or academic from Germany are invited to participate.


This years jury members are:

Jan Künemund (Berlin, Germany)

Yavuz Kurtulmus (Vienna, Austria)

Érica Sarmet (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

More detailed information about the jury members here >>


Our film for the Iris Prize


The Hamburg International Queer Film Festival is a partner of the Iris Prize in Cardiff (UK). Every year we nominate a film for this competition for lesbian-gay-transgender short films and the winner receives the fabulous amount of 25,000 pounds Sterling!


QueerScope Debut Film award


In 2017 the QueerScope Debut Film Award was presented for the second time. This award is jointly presented by the 13 QueerScope festivals in Germany to the best queer debut film. Last year the award went to GOD’S OWN COUNTRY.