Needs translation: Chez Bildwechsel

Chez Bildwechsel

Wednesday, October 17th 2018

2 to 8 pm, bildwechsel

Free entry

Our longest-serving communications format: swarm viewing!

Everyone with a little between-films-time and archive-curiosity is cordially 
invited to visit bildwechsel and its archives, as ever on the Wednesday 
during the festival week, from 2 p.m. until 8 p.m. You are also welcome to bring along your own films!

Check out the premises, rummage through the archives and enjoy the 
traditional swarm viewing with a special selection of videos relating to 
this year’s film festival. We look forward to seeing you!

If you haven’t been before: bildwechsel is located very centrally near 
Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (central station), in the Kirchenallee 25.

Needs translation: Intersection shorts Venus

An Unashamed Claim to Beauty:

short films at the intersection of queerness and dis/ability

Thursday, October 18th 2018

8.15 pm, 3001 Kino, length: 86’

Free entry

As queer communities strive to embrace intersectional politics, those 
with a disability or functional diversity are often left behind. Despite the higher prevalence of disability among LGBTIQA+ communities, disabled, 
D/deaf, visually impaired, learning disabled and/or chronically ill queers 
are often excluded from queer spaces and queer screens. More recently, a growing body of work is ­redressing this balance and bringing previously invisible stories to the forefront of the conversation. This programme presents an exciting selection of performative work by diverse filmmakers exploring the intersections of queerness and disability. From beautifully-
rendered tales of forbidden love to how to get jiggy in (accessible) 
bathrooms, this collection of hilarious, agonising, erotic, tender and sexy shorts represents an unashamed claim to visibility, desire, autonomy and beauty. theresa heath

Kuratorin Theresa Heath will be present.

This film programme is part of a nationwide tour as part of the Queer Film Network 
and was curated by Wotever DIY Film Festival and Fringe! Queer Film and Arts Fest. 
QFN is a strategic Film Hub Wales project and receives support from the BFI Film Audience Network.


JUST ME, Matthew Kennedy, UK 2014, 3’, englische Originalfassung 
mit englischen Untertiteln

VENUS, Faye Carr-Wilson, UK 2016, 6’, englische Originalfassung 
mit englischen Untertiteln

FUNNY GIRL, Rosina Andreaou, UK 2017, 6’, englische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

USA 2016, 4’, englische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

HOLD MUSIC, Michael McNeely, Kanada 2017, 10’, 
englische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

BARS, Christine Bylund, Schweden 2013, 8’, 
englische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

RICK, Jan-Peter Horstmann, Deutschland 2017, 16’, 
deutsche Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

USA 2013, 33’, englische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln


Needs translation: Queer Refuge Shorts

Queer Refugee Shorts

Curated by Transition Film Festival

With guests.

5.30 pm, 3001 Kino, length: 79’

Transition International Queer Minorities Film Festival zeigt die Vielfalt der Minderheiten innerhalb des LGBTIQ* Spektrums. Jeden November nutzen wir in Wien (Österreich) das Medium Film, um unser Publikum zu konfrontieren, Stereotypen zu brechen und durch Diskussionen, Workshops und Vorträge zu begeistern. Unser Ziel ist es, die Sichtbarkeit zu erhöhen und den Dialog über Migration, Frauen, People of 
Color, Geflüchtete, Behinderte, Trans*Personen, Religion und mehr zu initiieren – als Minderheiten innerhalb einer Minderheit. Denn unsere Kämpfe, Gesichter und Geschichten werden oft ausgelöscht oder in eindimensionalen Erzählungen mit Stereotypen vereinfacht dargestellt. 

Jury member Yavuz Kurtulmus will be present.

MY REFUGEE STORY, Nour Metwally, Libanon 2016, 17‘, 
arabische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

The MIGRANT MIXTAPE/ La Cassette Migrante, Eli Jean Tahchi, Kanada 2017, 22‘, arabisch-englisch-französische Originalfassung 
mit englischen Untertiteln

MUKWANO, Cecile McNair, Dänemark 2016, 30‘, Originalfassung 
Dänisch/Englisch/Suaheli mit englischen Untertiteln

Love Intersections, Kanada 2016, 10’, englische Originalfassung


Needs translation: Brazilian shorts Afronte

Brazilian Contemporary Queer Shorts

Thursday, October 18th 2018

10.30 pm, 3001 Kino, length: 85’

With guests

Take a look at a selection of Brazil’s contemporary queer short film productions: these are films whose queer aesthetics go beyond everyday LGBTIQA representation, made by people who just recently started to tell their own stories. Brazil is reported to have the highest LGBT murder rate in the world, with a LGBT person being killed every 25 hours – so to film these lives, 
loves and culture is, in itself, an act of resistance. In this programme you won’t find shame: instead, the programme presents a joyful celebration 
of queer living, diverse in theme and region, with films that come from 
5 different cities in the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest of Brazil. In STUDY IN RED, ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture are mixed together in an analysis of queerness as an art form (plus, a stunning cover of Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’). Made by a trans* crew, TAILOR is an animated documentary 
about a transgender cartoonist and the people he draws. AFRONTE is a part-fictionalized documentary in which black gay men reflect on their experiences, racism and community in the outskirts of Brazil’s capital. 
In NOT YET, a lesbian has a difficult time when her mother comes to visit; and in VANDO AKA VEDITA, we are introduced to a group of young people who dye their hair blonde and wander the slums of Fortaleza city. érica sarmet 

Jury member Érica Sarmet will be present.


ESTUDO EM VERMELHO/STUDY IN RED, Chico Lacerda, Brasilien 2013, 16’, portugiesische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

TAILOR, Calí dos Anjos, Brasilien 2016, 10’, portugiesische 
Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

AFRONTE, Bruno Victor, Marcus Azevedo, Brasilien 2017, 16’, 
portugiesische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

AINDA NÃO/NOT YET, Júlia Leite, Brasilien 2017, 21’, 
portugiesische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

VANDO AKA VEDITA, Andreia Pires, Leonardo Mouramateus, 
Brasilien 2017, 22’, portugiesische Originalfassung mit englischen Untertiteln

Needs translation: Pose-Werbebild der FX-Serie von Ryan Murphy

Queer in series

Friday, October 19th 2019

3.30 pm, Metropolis

How have queer serial stories and characters changed over time? What influenced their queer aesthetics, and could it even develop? Are queer 
serial producers still under pressure to represent the community in their entirety or is it more about intimacy and the portrayal of the queer chosen families? We would like to discuss these questions with this year’s jury member, film critic and scholar, Jan Künemund. The audience is cordially invited to join the discussion.