Needs translation: Party Hugs & Kisses


Of course there are parties at the festival - before during and after it! A warm thank you to all the party organisers!

SAMSTAG, 6.10.2018

DARE! The 80s club for gays and friends

Ab 22.30 Uhr im Nachtasyl im Thalia Theater, Alstertor


Thursday, October 11th 2018

thiers for queers
 - Barabend mit Musik und Filmtage-Soli-Drink

9pm at thier, Schulterblatt 98

DJ: Martha Hari (mis-shapes)


Saturday, October 13th 2018


10pm at Fundbureau, Stresemannstr. 114

DJs: Me How, Miss van Biss & Julie Wood, Merve Japes, Esshar

Special: Queerer Klamottentausch


Saturday, October 27th 2018

TANTE PAUL-Halloween Party

10pm at Komet (Keller), Erichstr. 11